Zod.TV Announces The Launch Of The ZOD Edge For GPU Compute

Toronto, Canada, Dec. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) More and more blockchain developers are looking into the NEAR blockchain. With low fees and hyperactive communities, NEAR seems to be the perfect place to launch headfirst into Web3.

Zod — a Web3 ecosystem for GPU compute, created specifically to support Live Streaming and containerized Machine Learning.

Plug in your hardware and participate in building out the Zod EDGE. Any modern Linux system can join, simply download the farm binary and run.

Zod Features:

  • Live Streaming
  • Video Transcode
  • Containerized access to GPUs

Live Streaming

High transcode and bandwidth costs are pretty astronomical in the Web2.0 world, clouds like AWS and GCP charge around a 100x markup on the underlying hardware and bandwidth.  Now you know the reason why AWS’s revenue to expense ratio is so record-breaking. By using the Zod EDGE to power your live streaming business you are paying much closer to reality prices, with many peers farming their hardware for a fair price.

Video Transcode

Going hand in hand with video streaming, sometimes you need to record your broadcasts for viewing later. The Zod EDGE features a built-in video transcoder that every edge node runs which allows large-scale decentralized transcoding of entire video libraries, both quickly and efficiently.

GPU Containers

Many use cases of GPUs such as in machine learning or rendering require custom pipelines and software where a generic pluggable mold will not fit.  To be as flexible as possible the Zod EDGE allows running rootless docker compatible containers where you can set up the environment as you see fit. Whether your stack uses TensorFlow or PyTorch, python, javascript or rust it does not matter, set up your environment and go, knowing full well the container has full access to the most up to date NVIDIA drivers, and as well as access to the Video Transcoding ASIC located on the GPU (not just the CUDA cores).

Don’t miss your chance to participate in building out the Zod EDGE. Currently, there are many rewards for participation, and transcode jobs are COMPLETELY FREE!

Look at bringing your workloads over today!

Join the ZodTV Discord: https://discord.com/invite/jjBSjSF

Give Zod Twitter a follow if you aren’t yet: https://twitter.com/zodtv8

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