Trademark Factory Wants to Wish You a Merry Christmas – ‘Feliz Navidad’ Style

New York, NY, Dec. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — To celebrate this holiday season, the Trademark Factory family has put together a joyful rendition of a beloved sing-a-long favorite, but with a trademark twist. From company owner Andrei Mincov: “It’s our annual tradition since 2010. Every year, we come up with something special for Christmas and New Years. This time around, we recorded our own trademark-infused version of “Feliz Navidad”—an amazing, timeless song by Jose Feliciano.” 

While “Let’s File Your Trademarks” works its way to the top of holiday song charts, Trademark Factory continues to work hard and provide the very best trademarking services for your brand. As always, they want to make sure your trademark is secured and protected for the remainder of this year, all of next year, and beyond. Their team of licensed experts and professionals are standing by to help you start the new year off right with risk-free, guaranteed trademark approval.  


Wishing all of their current and future clients a Merry Christmas from the bottom of their hearts and a Happy New Year, cheers to you from everyone at Trademark Factory!  And if you are starting or growing your business next year and need to file a trademark, well you know where to go.

About Trademark Factory

Launched by former intellectual property lawyer in 2011, Trademark Factory’s origins lay at the beginning of founder Andrei Mincov’s legal career in Russia in 1996. His father, the famed Russian composer Mark Minkov, had heard a piece of his being played in the background of an advertisement by a local radio station without his knowledge or consent. Andrei, who was still law student at the time, sued the radio station for copyright infringement, and ultimately won a precedent-setting victory in Russia’s second-highest court. After a successful career working for the world’s largest international law firm, Andrei immigrated to Canada in 2007. After undertaking additional schooling in the law, Andrei set out to found a firm that would provide business owners trademarking services for a single, flat fee, and thus Trademark Factory was born. To date, Trademark Factory has filed for over 1,500 trademarks for over 800 clients around the world with an astonishing 99.3% rate of success. For more information, visit and follow Trademark Factory on TwitterFacebook & Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channel.


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