Plenty of Villas Co-Founder Braydon Ross: The New King of Real Estate

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Jan. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The vacation industry was largely affected by the introduction of new rental platforms and it seemed that hotels and traditional rentals would take a hit from the new Airbnb platform. Braydon Ross, a 26 year old Canadian entrepreneur took advantage of this new way of vacationing and decided to create a service where high-end clients could easily access luxurious property rentals. He entered the Airbnb space about 5 years ago and decided to turn his genius business model into one of the largest short term rental management/marketing companies in all of North America, Plenty of Villas. As the co-founder of Plenty of Villas, he helped form this business to turn his vision of providing a full suite concierge service for prestigious clients into a reality by partnering with top tier vacation rental companies, luxury boutique hotels and even homeowners. 
Plenty of Villas lives up to their name and has grown immensely over the past year and a half by utilizing a new management / marketing method in places such as St. Barths, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Croatia, and other places. Braydon has been involved in the Airbnb industry for about five years now and has perfected his business model of using other people’s properties to make money on Airbnb. He utilizes sites like Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, and many others. Despite being heavily involved in the Plenty of Villas business, Braydon has chosen to pursue social media as well.  He began growing his Instagram presence several years ago and has managed to accumulate over 185k followers under his page, @mrairbnb. He decided that he would use his wisdom and begin teaching his business models to anyone who wanted to enter the same industry. He began to see real results and soon enough many of his students were quitting their day jobs to manage temporary rental properties full time. 
His excellent work as a marketing student was recognized by Tai Lopez and his team. Braydon was flown out on extremely short notice to make an appearance to teach marketing for Tai. He ended up being flown out to New York the following year to teach for Tai again but for Airbnb this time.
Since then Braydon has constructed this model to be absolutely airtight and even without cash, credit, or prior real estate experience, anyone can begin their short-term rental property management journey. He began selling his E-course BNB PHD and plans on making it one of the best selling courses in the world. His students have been able to achieve a lot through his course with his top example going from nothing to over 200 properties in just 6 months. 
Braydon has big plans for the future but nothing seems to be too big for him to tackle. He plans on further expanding his property portfolio as well as grow the massive community behind BNB PHD to help more people see this incredible NEW opportunity.

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