Parts Washer Division of Vital Manufacturing Increases Productivity By 15%

Surrey, Canada , June 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Parts Washer Division of Vital Manufacturing created an automatic, industrial parts washer that will increase productivity by more than 15%.

A parts washer from the Parts Washer Division of Vital Manufacturing Inc. is an automatic and environmentally-friendly solution to increasing the efficiency of any operation. No matter the part size or methodology of procedures, this machinery will transform any business — reshaping any part of the operational process from simply functioning to effectively thriving.

This piece of equipment cleans, degreases, and dries bulk loads of small and large parts before assembly and distribution. A parts washer is also critical for maintenance and repair, with the ability to clean anything from fasteners, bolts, and screws to engine blocks and automotive assemblies.

By using a jet stream of water to deteriorate anything from grease to grime to solid matter, an automatic, industrial parts washer has the ability to increase efficiency of cleaning processes in many workplaces.

Parts Washer Division of Vital Manufacturing Inc. makes three styles of parts washers that all operate with a 95% water-based wash fluid. A solution that’s 95% water-based rids the hassle of using harsh chemicals and even eliminates the need for PPE.

Their VPW-1924 is known as the best value in the industry, packing an efficient punch for its relatively small size. This model has a 19″ turn-table, a working height of 24”, and a roll-in door.

With a 30” turn-table and a working height of 40”, Vital Manufacturing Inc. builds a parts washer model that is the perfect size for almost any part washing job. This model is their VPW-3040, and is a completely hassle-free operation.

Rounding out their three models of parts washers is the VPW-4260. With a 2,500 lb turntable capacity, Vital Manufacturing Inc,’s largest parts washer features a 42” turn-table and 60” working height.

About Vital Manufacturing:

Vital Manufacturing is a skilled professionals with years of practical experience in a broad range of industries. As an engineering based company, they focus heavily on providing turn-key innovative solutions to their customers.

For more information on a Vital Manufacturing parts washer, visit their website to speak with a specialist.


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