Parkland Fuel Corporation Announces the Results of the 2018 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

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CALGARY, Alberta, May 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Parkland Fuel Corporation (“Parkland”) (TSX:PKI), Canada’s largest independent marketer of fuel and petroleum products, announced that all nine of the nominees listed in its management information circular dated March 23, 2018 (the “Information Circular”) were elected as directors of the Corporation and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP was reappointed as Parkland’s auditor at its annual general meeting of shareholders held today (the “Meeting”). The results of these votes, as well as the results for the other items of business considered at the Meeting are set out below:

Resolution 1

Election of directors of Parkland for the ensuing year.

Nominee Votes For %For Votes Withheld %Withheld
 John F. Bechtold 62,671,111 99.51 % 307,519 0.49%
 Lisa Colnett 61,384,323 97.47 % 1,594,307 2.53%
 Robert Espey 61,712,690 97.99 % 1,265,940 2.01%
 Timothy Hogarth 44,389,094 70.48 % 18,589,536 29.52%
 Jim Pantelidis 61,111,803 97.04 % 1,866,827 2.96%
 Domenic Pilla 62,887,037 99.85 % 91,593 0.15%
 Steven Richardson 62,875,675 99.84 % 102,955 0.16%
 David A. Spencer 55,832,070 88.65 % 7,146,560 11.35%
 Deborah Stein 62,867,326 99.82 % 111,304 0.18%

Resolution 2

The reappointment of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Chartered Accountants, as auditor of Parkland for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2018.

 Votes For 61,148,878 99.44%
 Votes Withheld 342,097 0.56%
 Total 61,490,975  

Resolution 3

The approval, on a non-binding and advisory basis, of Parkland’s approach to executive compensation as more particularly set forth and described in the Information Circular.

 Votes For 57,378,393 93.87%
 Votes Against 3,745,728 6.13%
 Total 61,124,121  

Voting results for all matters have been posted on SEDAR.


Parkland is Canada’s largest and one of North America’s fastest growing independent suppliers and marketers of fuel and petroleum products and a leading convenience store operator. Parkland services customers through three channels: Retail, Commercial and Wholesale. Parkland optimizes its fuel supply across these three channels by operating the Parkland Burnaby Refinery, and leveraging a growing portfolio of supply relationships and storage infrastructure. Parkland provides trusted and locally relevant fuel brands and convenience store offerings, including its On the Run/Marché Express banners, in the communities it serves.

Parkland creates value for shareholders by focusing on its proven strategy of growing organically, realizing a supply advantage and acquiring prudently and integrating successfully. At the core of our strategy are our people, as well as our values of safety, integrity, community and respect, which are embraced across our organization.


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