Mint Smartwash, an environmentally responsible Express Tunnel Car Wash, Opens in Calgary

CALGARY, Alberta, June 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For years, Calgarians have avoided tunnel car washes for fear of lengthy wait times, scratched vehicles, or wasteful water consumption but that is all changing now with the opening of Mint Smartwash’s (Mint) first ever location opening in Calgary. Mint is a technologically advanced express tunnel car wash that uses state of the art computer systems, advanced wash equipment and a sophisticated water reclamation system to deliver the most environmentally friendly wash and shiniest vehicles in Calgary. The car wash can process over 180 vehicles per hour and offers their customers UNLIMITED monthly wash memberships including free vacuums, and mat washing with every wash. A time efficient option, Mint brings a unique, competitive advantage to the Calgary market by producing clean, dry and shiny vehicles in 5 minutes or less.

Mint prides itself not only on providing its customers with exceptionally clean vehicles but doing so in a manner that is environmentally responsible. To meet this goal, Mint implements industry leading water reclamation technologies and conservation strategies that include precisely monitored water use, water recycling, eco-friendly soaps and waxes, contaminant and sediment collection and safe disposal.

“Environmental stewardship is a key priority to the team at Mint. Ensuring that we can provide an excellent service to people and their cars, while remaining eco-friendly was critical in creating this wash service,” says Chris Friesen, President and CEO. “At Mint, we recycle up to 80 per cent of wash water and facilitate the responsible disposal of contaminants, washed off our customers’ vehicles, that could otherwise end up in local waterways.”

Leveraging specialized computer systems, Mint enhances the customer experience. Ground-breaking technology ensures each vehicle receives the correct wash package with a precise application of chemicals while the anti-collision system keeps drivers safe in the tunnel. This combination of innovation separates Mint from traditional washes that leave customers waiting in line.

Mint also offers its customers a membership service for added convenience. There are several membership options available, including an UNLIMITED wash package. Members have a designated lane that allows them to skip to the front of the line and enter the wash without any contact.

“We are excited to be an integral part of the Calgary community, and offer this exceptional service to customers,” says Chris. “We look forward to welcoming Calgarians to the Mint experience.”

Mint is marking the launch of its Calgary location at 150 99 Ave SE (South of Southland Dr. on MacLeod Trail) by hosting a community celebration on Sunday, June 26, 2022. Complimentary food and handouts for children will be provided from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. and experience the Mint five-minute wash firsthand.

About Mint Smartwash

Mint Smartwash (“Mint”) was founded by a group of car wash enthusiasts, in 2014, who identified an opportunity to bring the Express Car Wash model to Canada. Mint has been mentored by some of the key pioneers of the express wash concept in the United States, who have been washing cars for over 50 years. Mint is a leader in environmental stewardship with our wash processes. Recycling up to 80 per cent of its water through a sophisticated water recycling system, using as little as 30L of fresh water per vehicle. Mint’s first wash opened in Lethbridge in November 2015 with additional washes having since opened in Billings, MT, Medicine Hat, Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary. Additional locations will be opening throughout 2022 and more information is available at

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