LingQ rebuilds global language learning app and launches LingQ 5.0

West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Dec. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LingQ, a global player in the all-in-one language learning edtech market, using artificial intelligence (“AI”) and comprehensible input theory of language learning, has announced the launch of LingQ 5.0. LingQ 5.0 is a complete redesign of its previous 4.0 version.  With improvements to previous features and the addition of new ones, the new 5.0 has created one of the most comprehensive language learning environments available to students of all levels, beginner to fluency, in mobile and web formats, a site interface in 17 languages and user functionality in 40 different languages. 

“Our objective at LingQ is to have the very best digital language learning app in the global market and I believe that LingQ 5.0 does that,” said Mark Kaufmann, CEO and Co-founder of LingQ.  “We have been in this business 20 years this year, and all our experience and knowledge of the market and end user has gone into the new version.  In addition to what our users have asked for, we are delivering to consumers what the industry has identified as the top features and interface designs for language learners, and then some.  LingQ allows learners to go much further with their language comprehension than most other language learning apps.  Our platform’s ability to be customizable and secure makes it perfect to teach language learning to all levels of institutional education and for business training. “

LingQ’s customizable features allow learners to personalize their learning journey.  The reader display and interaction can be customized with word highlighting, karaoke style audio tracking, sentence editing, and line spacing, to list a few.  With the click of a button, and by using current library lessons or content found online, which the system converts to lessons, learners can build self-generated, tile-style formatted content libraries within their account, at levels of difficulty they are comfortable learning in.  Learners create their own personalized playlists and decide whether to use audio, video or print to learn.  The content is mobile and can be hands-free with auto play audio to text (if desired). Content is downloadable so available anywhere, anytime from a smart phone, tablet, or computer.  LingQ learners stay motivated through a daily goal and streak system.

“To learn a language well, a learner needs to be exposed to a wide variety of content, in multiple formats, in a target language. Many other apps use a simple question and answer approach using bite sized pieces of the target language,” Kaufmann continued.  “LingQ delivers one of the most extensive content libraries available and gives the learner the ability to import their own content, in any medium, such as Netflix, podcasts, and e-books.  They can fully engage in subjects that interest them, exposing them to a much larger amount of target language content and a much larger range of vocabulary, all in the digital platform they want to learn in, in any of the 40 languages we offer. Not just play games.”

LingQ learners become part of global language learning community and can join live conversations or interact on the LingQ Language Forums and blogs.  A personal tutor listing is available for additional learning support.  LingQ is subscription based with long term discounts. There is a free version with restricted access to some features and paid subscriptions range from US$ 12.99 to 7.99 per month based on duration of plan. All subscriptions include unlimited access to all functionality across all languages LingQ offers.

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About LingQ

Since 2002, LingQ has provided over 3.5 million language learners with their content-based language learning app which harnesses machine learning to enhance and customize the users’ language journey. LingQ offers 40 languages to users around the globe on their web and mobile platforms. The father and son founding team of Steve and Mark Kaufmann originally developed in 2002 and rebranded it as LingQ in 2007. LingQ is one of the pioneers in language app development focused on web and mobile delivery only. LingQ has developed one of the largest foreign language libraries of authentic and interesting content. In addition to their main content-based learning activities, LingQ users also have access to online tutors, interactions on a global language community forum, community writing exchange, and integrated SRS vocabulary review tools. To ensure success, LingQ measures everything that students do including the number of words the student knows, how many words are learned, and statistics on writing, speaking, listening, and reading.

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