Legion calls for an end to claims backlog

OTTAWA, July 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Amidst renewed reports of the continuing and staggering backlog of claims at Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), The Royal Canadian Legion is calling for additional improvements.
Collective ideas to simplify the system and help eliminate the backlog have been discussed at length on more than one occasion.We do congratulate Veterans Affairs Canada for their decision to increase staffing, to use a more efficient model of intake teams – Veteran Benefit Teams – and to strive to create an accurate Wait Time Tool. These are very positive moves. Their full implementation will reduce the frustration and despair felt by both Veterans and those who serve them.Our remaining concern now is with the 20,000 claims that are still missing information and remain in limbo. The processing plan for these claims is unknown and requires immediate attention.The answer to the backlog lies in the timely implementation of all needed actions and ideas.Thomas D. Irvine, CD, Dominion President, The Royal Canadian LegionPublic Relations / Media Inquiries: 613-591-3335 ext. 241 or [email protected]

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