Introducing The Governance Monitor

Ottawa, ON, Sept. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Election campaigns are about much more than political parties and riding-level horse races. They are about citizens, our public institutions, and, at the end of the day, the health of our democracy.

The Institute on Governance (IOG), Advanced Symbolics, Inc. (ASI), TVO, and iPolitics have joined forces for an exciting election project that goes beyond the horse race to uncover informed insights and expert analysis on how #Elxn44 is affecting Canadians’ faith and trust in our government and its institutions. 

This matters for governments going forward if they are to meet important future challenges such as climate change and the future of the federation. 

That is what the groundbreaking Governance Monitor is all about: our future and our democracy. Over the balance of the federal campaign, the team will reveal compelling snapshots of Canadian trust in institutions and explore the governance challenges facing our next federal government – regardless of partisan stripe. Insights and analysis will be extracted from a survey of social media posts from 300,000 Canadians across the ideological spectrum.

Marrying ASI’s proprietary AI technologies and IOG’s leading expertiseThe Governance Monitor reports and exclusive companion content will be shared periodically on TVO, iPolitics, and IOG’s websites and digital platforms starting September 9, and running through the end of the election.


“Trust is the currency of democratic governments. A new government – and Canadians – need to know whether the country trusts its public institutions to get the job done. The Governance Monitor will provide a truly unique perspective to this election.”
– TOBY FYFE, President and CEO, IOG    

“To accurately measure trust in the population and how it changes over time according to demographic, psychographic and sociographic profiles is a complex undertaking that wouldn’t have been possible before the advent of social media and conversation modeling. The government must have the trust of the people it serves in order to effectively deliver on its mandate.”

“Trust in government, public service and politicians are the glue that bind a working democracy. With the backdrop of a federal election, we look forward to exploring this vital issue in partnership with IOG, ASI, and iPolitics.” 
– JOHN FERRI, Vice-President, Programming and Content, TVO

“Trust in government is the underpinning of a healthy democracy – especially during an election. The Governance Monitor uses innovative data to gauge people’s trust in public institutions and to connect it to policy issues and social cohesion on a daily basis.”
– HEATHER BAKKEN, Publisher, iPolitics.

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