Hottest Vote on the Hill: Public Voting Opens for CAHI’s “Cutest Pets on Parliament Hill” Photo Contest

TORONTO, May 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Canadian Animal Health Institute (CAHI) has opened public voting for what Politico has called the Hottest Vote on the Hill: the first annual “Cutest Pets on Parliament Hill” photo contest for 2023! The public can now choose which of the three finalists they think deserves to be crowned this year’s “Cutest Pet on Parliament Hill” in three categories: Dog, Cat, and Other Pet.

Over the past few weeks, CAHI received over 65 phenomenal entries from Parliamentarians, Senators, staffers, and members of the Press Gallery on Parliament Hill, who submitted photos and some amazing stories about their beloved pets. A panel of non-partisan judges had the very difficult task of narrowing it down to the top three in each category. The panel was made up of experts who spend their days surrounded by cute pets, working hard to improve the lives of pets in communities that face challenges with access to veterinary care.

Facing the difficult task of choosing the finalists for Cutest Pets on Parliament Hill were:

  • Dr. Linda Jacobson, President & Treasurer of the Canadian Animal Shelter & Community Medicine Association
  • Dr. Karen Ward, Chief Veterinary Officer at the Toronto Humane Society
  • Lyall Martin, Supervisor & Animal Control Officer at Six Nations of the Grand River Territory Animal Control Services
  • Laura-Lee Kelly, Community Health Representative for Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation

“Choosing just three finalists in each category was brutally hard,” said Dr. Karen Ward, “What a wonderful group of pets, and clearly so well loved by their families. It makes my heart fill with joy to know that these pets and people are enriching each other’s lives, and I wanted to pick everyone; it seemed unfair to have to choose amongst such stellar candidates.”

“CAHI is thrilled to bring this fun and engaging contest to Parliament Hill, and we were encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response our first year out. Washington crowns its Cutest Pets on Capitol Hill every year, but we bet Canada has even cuter pets on Parliament Hill,” says Dr. Catherine Filejski, President, and CEO of the Canadian Animal Health Institute. “CAHI serves as the voice of the Canadian animal health industry, and this has been a great way to highlight the importance of pets in the lives of Canadians both on and off Parliament Hill. This is why CAHI works so hard to ensure that we have the veterinary medicines we need to keep our animals healthy.”

Now, CAHI is asking all Canadians to help choose 2023’s “Cutest Pets on Parliament Hill”. This year’s finalists can be viewed on the CAHI website (, where the public can select their favourite pet photo in each category. Voting is limited to one vote per category, per person, and will close on Friday, June 2nd. The winners will be announced at CAHI’s “Pet Gala” event on June 7th in Ottawa.

The competition is fierce, and each finalist will be working hard to get out the vote in their favour – so vote today and have your say!

About the CAHI
Established in 1968, CAHI is the trusted, science-based voice of the Canadian animal health industry. Our members provide Canada’s veterinarians and animal owners with the animal medications and tools necessary to maintain the health of our pets and production animals. Healthier animals for a healthier Canada.

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