Hey Canada, You Can Do Good Every Day This Holiday Season — The 24 GOOD DEEDS Charity Advent Calendar Is Back and Bigger Than Ever!

TORONTO, Oct. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The past two years have been a time unlike any other we have seen in history. We have all had to reimagine our day to day lives, and how we interact with one another. It has also been a time of reflection for many, and part of that is examining how we can give back to our communities and the world. We all want to give back, but many have lost their jobs or been forced to pivot their careers. Enter the 24 GOOD DEEDS Charity Advent Calendar. Launched for the first time in Canada last year, 24 GOOD DEEDS Charity Advent Calendar is a fundraising initiative unlike any other. Founded in Germany in 2011, it has put a charitable spin on the traditional advent calendar to do good within Canada and across the globe. Instead of the classic chocolate or candy, the calendar offers the opportunity to give back in a meaningful way, as well as an educational opportunity for donors to learn about various charities and their initiatives both locally and globally. Behind every door, there is a different charity and cause that you have supported with the charitable donation to 24 GOOD DEEDS.

For just 24 dollars, you can help provide hope and renewal to friends and loved ones, and, indeed, the world.

“The COVID pandemic has hit us all very hard,” says Ute Shaw, Canadian Head of 24 GOOD DEEDS. “The advent calendar is a comforting and timeless tradition that can be used for good. Instead of chocolates or puzzle pieces revealed each day, you can know your money is going to a worthy cause. It’s simple, easy, and the perfect solution to help out 24 Canadian charities without breaking the bank.

“For only one dollar a day over 24 days, we can make real change,” Ms. Shaw continues. “That’s three times less than the latte you buy in the morning. Or five times less than the fast food burger you may get for lunch. That one dollar can provide three breakfasts for Canadians in need, one day of schooling for a child in Africa, or 1 sq meter of Amazon rainforest protection. And the list goes on. Our first year in Canada was a great success and we can’t wait to see what the future holds as we all think about getting back to ‘normal’ while also thinking about how we can give back during the holiday season.”

New Nationwide Reach
The calendar was launched in Canada just last year and was fully embraced by people wanting to make a difference, and this year it will support 24 Canadian charities in the mission to give back to the local and global community. Plus, 24 GOOD DEEDS will have even more impact with the introduction of a French edition, offering an even bigger opportunity to contribute to important social initiatives involving healthcare, the environment, education, nutrition, and more.  

This year, the 24 Canadian charities included in the calendar are: Africa Climate Action Initiative, ALS BC, Canuck Hospice, Canada Africa Partnership, Cheetah Conservation Fund, The Citizen’s Foundation, Edmonton Foodbank, Ethiopiaid, Fashion Takes Action, Hamilton Health, Hope for Malawi, The Hunger Project, INDSPIRE, LCS Foundation, Lifewater, MedicAlert, Nanny Angel Network, National Service Dog, PAAL, Save our Scruff, Second Harvest, SPCA Montreal, Vancouver Writers Fest, Wilderness International.

One of the founding charities to partner with 24 GOOD DEEDS is INDSPIRE, a national Indigenous registered charity that invests in the education of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people for the long term benefit of these individuals, their families and communities, and Canada. “Participating in the 24 GOOD DEEDS Charity Advent Calendar last year has made a tangible difference for INDSPIRE. I am very pleased we’ll be included in the second Canadian edition of the calendar, and am looking forward to seeing all the good deeds that will be done this holiday season – deeds which will enable First Nations, Inuit, and Métis students to succeed in the pursuit of their post-secondary education and also provide Canadian schools with the education tools to learn more about indigenous history” says INDSPIRE President and CEO Dr. Mike DeGagné.

“This holiday I wish for everyone to reconnect with loved ones and create new memories,” concludes Ms. Shaw. “And part of that can be the simple act of sharing the daily ritual of the 24 GOOD DEEDS Charity Advent Calendar which can bring both joy and good to you and the world.”

About 24 GOOD DEEDS Canada
24 GOOD DEEDS raises funds for 24 social and environmental projects within Canada and around the globe through a Charity Advent Calendar. For a minimum contribution of $24 you’ll discover behind each of the calendar’s doors what your donation will achieve. Projects are carefully selected to ensure a long-term impact of the donations received by the organizations. The calendar originated in Germany in 2011. This year’s 24 GOOD DEEDS Charity Advent Calendar will be launched on October 5, 2021 and is available in English and French online at www.24gooddeeds.ca/

www.24gooddeeds.ca / @24gooddeeds

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