GrapheneCA planning graphene production for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry

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MONTREAL, Feb. 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nano Graphene Inc. dba GrapheneCA (“GrapheneCA”) proudly announced today that its graphene can readily be put to use in a number of pharmaceutical fields and the cosmetic industry. This paves the way for the introduction and licensing of highly innovative alternatives to conventional products on the market today.

In successfully implementing the company’s second New York-based production line, GrapheneCA has proved scalability, and is already making known its plans to inaugurate a production facility for cosmetics and pharmaceutical grade graphene in Canada by the end of 2019.

“Not only has GrapheneCA succeeded in producing pure graphene that is suitable for medical and pharmaceutical applications, but it has standardized its manufacturing process and is deploying efforts to provide whole package solutions, using its own graphene technology, which industries need and are looking for,” explained Alex Hamouti, Montreal-based Head of Cosmetic and Dental Hygiene Development for GrapheneCA.

“To be suitable for cosmetics and pharmaceutical use, graphene must have a very high level of purity and be non-toxic; this constraint is of paramount importance, one to which we respond with a highly efficient proprietary production process,” he went on to say.

“Graphene has unique properties that make it an extremely promising material for innumerable biotech applications; what interests these industries in particular is graphene’s antibacterial characteristics, its conductive and thermal properties, as well as its uncanny ability to facilitate absorption of active ingredients. Recent research also demonstrates that graphene has highly biocompatible.”


GrapheneCA is a privately owned, commercial scale graphene and graphene-based materials producer, and supply company headquartered in New York. It is dedicated to tackling the challenge of integrating graphene into real-world applications through the use of its own highly effective, scalable, and environmentally friendly production process. GrapheneCA has developed a production facility in New York and currently produces stacked graphite flakes with less than 0.03% oxygen contamination on a large scale. GrapheneCA has applied for patents in the USA and China.

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