eSight™ Assistive Device for Visually Impaired Available for Demonstrations at AAO

CHICAGO, Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Leading vision enhancement platform, eSight, is holding demonstrations of its current medical device model, eSight 4, at the American Academy of Ophthalmology Conference in Chicago, Illinois, Sept. 30 through Oct. 3, 2022. eSight representatives will be onsite to discuss the company’s expansion into the telehealth space and scalable access for the low-vision individuals who need it most.

eSight 4 is a clinically validated, FDA-registered low vision device designed to help patients with central vision loss achieve up to 20/20 visual acuity. It works by stimulating the synaptic nerve activity in the remaining photoreceptor function in the patient’s eyes to provide increased visual information to the brain. The patented bioptic tilt technology also allows the low-vision user to use their peripheral vision, improving mobility to use eSight on the go. Users can wear the device while at home, work, school or out with friends and family. eSight is harnessing cutting-edge technology to aid those with vision loss and legal blindness, and using the eSight Telehealth program to onboard new users, no matter where they live.

Recent advances in technology have allowed a switch to a full or hybrid telehealth model, wherein physicians can quickly reassess and pivot to allow their low-vision patients to evaluate eSight in their real-world environment, minimize potential burden on the referring clinic, reclaim the patient’s time and save money on travel, and guarantee higher rates of patient satisfaction and follow-up adherence. eSight’s telehealth program allows eligible users to try on an eSight device in the comfort of their own homes. After booking an appointment time for an evaluation session, eSight ships an eSight 4 device directly to the patient’s home. Upon arrival, an eSight specialist walks the patient through setup and calibration for the best possible visual result. The patient can test the device several days to gauge the best fit.

“Our industry saw a great transformation in its telehealth capabilities since the onset of the COVID pandemic, but it’s up to us to keep that momentum going for the health and wellbeing of our patients,” said eSight Director of Product Marketing, Roland Mattern. “We’re in an age where technology can easily transform the lives of those living with low vision with a click of a button. Creating, maintaining and improving a robust telehealth system for those with ocular diseases can make a life-changing difference for entire communities. We invite eyecare professionals to learn about our telehealth program and experience the life-changing eSight device for themselves this fall.”

Gary Foster, a longtime user of the low-vision device, will be at the eSight booth to discuss his own experience finding eSight and the importance of referring patients early for vision loss. Throughout the last year, eSight has expanded its distribution network to eyecare professionals and government agencies throughout North America and Western Europe.

Visit eSight at booth 1726 at AAO to see a demonstration of eSight 4. To learn more about eSight’s technology or to join the growing list of distributors and referral partners, please visit:

About eSight
eSight is a leading vision-platform organization with a simple but profound promise: empower individuals with sight loss to see new possibilities through enhanced vision. eSight provides the most advanced and versatile assistive device available for those with visual impairments and is compatible with more than 20 eye conditions including macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and Stargardt disease. eSight is registered with the FDA and EUDAMED and is inspected by Health Canada. Learn more at

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