EquiGenesis Corporation Launches the 2022 SMART Savings Plan™

TORONTO, Dec. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — EquiGenesis Corporation (“EquiGenesis”), Canada’s pre-eminent, tax-reduction-focused financial firm, today announced the launch of the 2022 version of the EquiGenesis SMART Savings Plan (“SMART Savings Plan”). The SMART Savings Plan is a structured investment vehicle and financial planning tool for Canadian accredited investors that allows for significant tax benefits over the 10-year term of the Plan, as well as the option to make a substantial, highly tax-efficient charitable donation when the Plan winds up.

Through the SMART Savings Plan, investors will significantly reduce their annual income tax by up to 50% while also earning periodic tax-free cash distributions. When the Plan winds up, investors may choose to donate the resulting accumulated investment growth on a tax-effective basis to a charity of their choice.

Since the advent of the first SMART Savings Plan™ in 2003, EquiGenesis has facilitated charitable donations for investors in excess of $100 million to over 200 registered charities across Canada.

“At EquiGenesis, we have a long history of providing our investors and high-income earning individuals the opportunity to build wealth faster by deferring and reducing tax safely, powerfully, and legally. The SMART Savings Plan is our most tax-efficient investment Plan to date and has gained significant interest and investment from over 700 new and existing clients,” said Ken Gordon, President of EquiGenesis Corporation. “Our goal with the 2022 SMART Savings Plan is to empower our investors to keep more of their income, while also giving back to causes that matter to them most.”

With a minimum purchase of 10 investment units, SMART Savings Plan investors become cash positive in year one and every year thereafter, resulting from program-initiated tax deductions and annual tax savings that exceed their annual fixed investment into the Plan. The company’s team of tax experts assist clients in determining the optimal unit purchase based on their income and investment goals.

“For many of our investors, charitable giving is equally important to significantly reducing their annual income tax,” said Cori Simms, VP of Marketing at EquiGenesis. “With the SMART Savings Plan, we allow investors to minimize their tax burden while also building a legacy through charitable giving that comes at no cost to that individual. Our unique investment opportunity is a win-win for both our investors and the charities they choose.”

To learn more about the EquiGenesis SMART Savings Plan, please visit: www.smartsavingsplan.com.

About EquiGenesis Corporation:

For 30 years EquiGenesis has helped thousands of accredited investors in Canada build their wealth and increase their available cash flow by reducing their annual income tax burden by up to 50 per cent. Based in Toronto, EquiGenesis Corporation has raised in excess of $4 billion from over 5,000 investors. For more information on EquiGenesis Corporation, please visit www.equigenesis.com.

For Further Information:

Cori Simms, VP Marketing
Tel: (416) 515-2922 (x331)
Email: [email protected]

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