Edica Group Inc. (‘Edica Naturals’) Announces NEW 100% Plant-Based, Vegan ‘Botanical Beauty Line’ on Modern Living With Kathy Ireland®

TORONTO, Sept. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Edica Naturals is pleased to introduce its new VEGAN beauty line with its first product launch: the Advanced Eyelash Activator & Conditioning Serum. Initially broadcast on the program: Modern Living with Kathy Ireland®, Kathy Ireland interviewed Edica Naturals’ CEO and Founder, Ann Barnes, about her anti-aging and all-natural formulations for her supplement line and the brand new launch of the Edica Naturals’ vegan Botanical Beauty line.

“Today, Edica Naturals proudly launches its vegan Botanical Beauty Line with our Advanced Eyelash Activator & Conditioning Serum,” Ann Barnes said. She stated that, with daily use, “you can expect benefits such as: healthier, longer, thicker and darker lashes with 100% plant-based vegan ingredients.” She added that one can expect results “within weeks.” 

As discussed with Kathy Ireland on her Modern Living program, Edica Naturals will be shortly launching its vegan and 100% plant-based botanical skincare line; a natural complement to Edica Naturals’ anti-aging and fast-acting natural supplement line. Ann explains the Edica Naturals’ plant-based philosophy: “[p]lants are an incredible gift from nature, here to help us with optimal beauty and health – from outside-in and inside-out.” Edica Naturals formulates its supplement and beauty lines using natural and botanical ingredients with tremendous knowledge and pride.  

About Edica Group Inc: Edica Group Inc. (carrying on business as “Edica Naturals”) is a leading provider of natural and plant-based supplements and botanical beauty products that help men and women rejuvenate, nurture, and beautify. Edica Naturals offers simple solutions to help you to be the Optimal You.

For further information:

General Inquiries, [email protected], Toll-free 1-833-693-3422

Website: https://edicanaturals.com/

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