Doman Building Materials Group Ltd. Announces Meeting Results for Election of Directors


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Doman Building Materials Group Ltd. (“Doman” or the “Company”) (TSX:DBM, DBM.NT.A) announced its director election results following its annual and special meeting of shareholders, held May 3, 2022.

All of the nominees proposed as directors in the Company’s Management Information Circular, dated March 31, 2022, were elected. The detailed results of the vote by ballot for the election of directors, are as follows. 26,289,396 votes were cast for Amar S. Doman, representing 87.01% of the votes cast; 26,106,841 votes were cast for Stephen W. Marshall, representing 86.40% of the votes cast; 26,114,046 votes were cast for Marc Séguin, representing 86.43% of the votes cast; 29,748,665 votes were cast for Ian M. Baskerville, representing 98.46% of the votes cast; 26,087,500 votes were cast for Tom Donaldson, representing 86.34% of the votes cast; 28,187,678 votes were cast for Kelvin Dushnisky, representing 93.29% of the votes cast; 29,853,847 votes were cast for Sam Fleiser, representing 98.81% of the votes cast; 29,860,882 votes were cast for Michelle Harrison representing 98.83% of the votes cast, 26,068,364 votes were cast for Harry Rosenfeld, representing 86.28% of the votes cast; and 29,503,286 votes were cast for Siegfried J. Thoma, representing 97.65% of the votes cast.

All other matters voted upon at the meeting were approved. The formal report on voting results with respect to all matters voted upon during the annual and special meeting of shareholders will be filed with the regulatory authorities shortly.

About Doman Building Materials Group Ltd.

Doman is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia and trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol DBM and is a leading North American distributor of building materials and is Canada’s only fully integrated national distributor in the building materials and related products sector. Doman operates several distinct divisions: CanWel Building Materials with multiple treating plant, planing facilities and distribution centres coast-to-coast in all major cities and strategic locations across Canada; founded in 1959, Hixson Lumber Company in the central United States, with 19 treating plants, two specialty planing mills and five specialty sawmills located in eight states, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, distributing, producing and treating lumber, fencing and building materials; California Cascade in the western United States near Portland, Oregon, San Francisco and Los Angeles, California with treating facilities and distribution of building materials, lumber and renovation products; founded in 1935, the Honsador Building Products Group in 14 locations in the State of Hawaii, with treating facilities, truss plants and distribution of a wide range of building materials, lumber, renovation and electrical products. In addition, through its CanWel Fibre division, the Company operates a vertically integrated forest products company based in Western Canada, operating from British Columbia to Saskatchewan, also servicing the US Pacific Northwest. CanWel Fibre owns approximately 117,000 acres of private timberlands, strategic licenses and tenures, several post and pole peeling facilities and two pressure-treated specialty wood production plants and a specialty sawmill. Please see our filings on SEDAR under Doman Building Materials Group Ltd. (formerly, CanWel Building Materials Group Ltd.) for additional information.

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