Cowichan Valley Artist & Disability Advocate to Launch Unique Exhibit – Produced by Polaris Creative

DUNCAN, British Columbia, Feb. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Photographer and owner of Polaris Creative, and outspoken disability advocate Jules Sherred has kicked off a crowdfunding initiative and a call for participants launching March 1st to help the initial stages of the Cowichan Valley Disability, Culture and Food Through Art Exhibit, a unique photography and video exhibit that will help raise awareness to the barriers disabled people face in accessing food and promote advocacy from local producers. Many people are unaware of the fact that one in every five Canadians are disabled and the biggest barriers they face surrounds food. Not just in the ability to prepare it, but gaining access to healthy ingredients. These barriers often intersect with other areas of marginalization such as ethnicity, sexuality, and gender identity.As the Kickstarter page underlines: Awareness needs to be increased. Jules Sherred, a disabled food photographer, advocate, and owner of Disabled Kitchen and Garden based in Duncan, BC, has made it his life’s work to raise such awareness. “This project is a natural expansion of all the work I’ve been doing to bring awareness of the barriers that disabled people face when accessing such a vital part of life, while also presenting solutions,” he says. “I’m choosing this artform because there is a saying that is true that says, We eat with our eyes, first.  Photography sells food. Photojournalism pulls people into stories they’d otherwise not notice. Making use of new media increases accessibility for the people who will most benefit from this project.”
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