CDAP Technology Grants Are Music to the Ears of Canadian CFOs 

TORONTO, March 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is helping Canadian businesses revolutionize their operations through the Boost Your Business Technology grant and it’s the CFOs of these companies that are seeing some of the biggest benefits through saved capital and streamlined processes. 

CDAP grants are available to eligible, small-to-medium sized, Canadian businesses. The funds go towards partnering with an approved digital advisor to develop a digital adoption roadmap. The advisor’s role is to is to recommend areas of the business that would benefit most from the introduction of modern technology and formulate a strategy for implementing and integrating that technology into the existing stack.  

The opportunity to work with experts in the digital space adds great value to the grant and delivers effective, long-term results. Another benefit is that a portion of employees’ time is freed up by having a dedicated digital advisor. When internal teams do get involved in the project, they get valuable insights into how industry leaders go about identifying and strategizing new technology implementations. 

Upon completion of the digital adoption plan, organizations can access up to $100,000 in the form of a 0% loan to purchase and implement their roadmap. 

For some, this is an opportunity to kickstart a digital transformation without having to invest large amounts of their own funds on developing a plan. Other businesses, however, may already intend to evolve their digital operations and use the grant as an opportunity to save costs already earmarked for the project. In either case, the grant is proving too good of an opportunity to pass up. 

An approved digital advisor for the Boost Your Business Technology grant, Couch & Associates, field all manner of requests about how to best utilize the funds. Their Head of Revenue Operations, Anita Cordeiro, states that, “Every organization has their own goals, pain points and areas of improvement to focus on. You can do almost anything with technology – some clients want to better engage with their customers, others want to improve security, and some aren’t sure exactly where to start so we do a deep dive and provide recommendations before developing a strategy.” 

One thing organizations are certain of, is that this highly practical grant is saving them a significant amount while accelerating their digital transformation and, with a diverse range of potential initiatives it can add value to almost any business department.  

By providing this boost to a business’ technology budget, CDAP grants access to a high-level of expertise resulting in a strategy developed by some of Canada’s top digital specialists. For more information on qualification criteria, the role of a digital advisor, and project deliverables, visit Couch & Associates CDAP page

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