BlueBox transforms parcel delivery with a smart locker solution across Canada

Toronto, Canada, Nov. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — First launched in Vancouver, BlueBox smart lockers have now expanded to the Toronto market to service all building types, facilities, and communities. The BlueBox Smart Locker solution is developed by Bluemyth Technologies (“Bluemyth”), an innovative smart hardware and mobile internet application company focusing on building a better and more sustainable community. 

“Smart parcel lockers are the future of parcel delivery. BlueBox has been a great added amenity to the building I manage and has reduced my workload and left the lobby free of parcels and missed package slips,” said Jake Tomic, Building Manager.

Embracing e-commerce is critical to business success as consumers and businesses pivot toward online shopping. There are over 27 million e-commerce users in Canada, generating approximately US$2.34 billion in March 2022. By 2025, e-commerce is expected to reach around 77.6 per cent of Canadians. 

Package volumes have increased drastically and buildings are unprepared to handle the influx of deliveries. This has resulted in stolen, opened, and misplaced items, leading to frustrations and potential theft.

“Last-mile delivery is a growing problem in Canada. Long-standing challenges like delivery inefficiency, parcel security, congestion and vehicle emissions make our communities vulnerable. BlueBox smart locker solution aims to resolve the problems by creating an affordable and game-changing service to the market,” said Howard Huang, chief marketing officer of Bluemyth.

The increasing demand for online shopping and e-commerce has affected the parcel delivery industry not only on the front end, but also the entire delivery chain. Rising to the challenge, BlueBox leads Canada with an affordable, customizable, and robust parcel solution. 

Based in Vancouver, Canada, BlueBox provides security, convenience, and the best value via the industry’s first monthly service fee structure and self-developed software. Users can effortlessly and securely retrieve parcels from BlueBox Smart Lockers via SMS or the BlueBox app. The BlueBox smart lockers can also increase community engagement with a variety of features such as the centralized management system and digital bulletin board integrated into the BlueBox lockers. BlueBox provides the absolute lowest cost due to its all-in-one monthly service fee structure, eliminating the large upfront investment requirement.

BlueBox service advantages:

  • Users: Secure, easy-to-use SMS and mobile app feature allows for touchless package retrieval within seconds. No need to contact staff and travel long distances to collect parcels. BlueBox is available 24/7.
  • Building, facility and community staff: Zero down payment required with a monthly service fee structure that covers smart locker hardware and maintenance. Free delivery, installation, maintenance, and software upgrades for customers in the lower mainland in B.C. and the Greater Toronto Area.
  • For postal workers: Complete deliveries faster with a seamless three-step delivery process. Complete unit delivery in 10 seconds and phone number delivery in 15 seconds.

There has never been a smart parcel locker solution in the Canadian market that meets all demands of the users, carriers, and building staff in terms of parcel management. BlueBox provides a convenient and user-friendly interface for all.

Committed to building trust through world-class support, BlueBox guarantees same-day replies within business hours and provides on-site service within 48 hours. Bluemyth’s technologies are developed in-house and fully comply with Canada’s data regulations. All of the service’s digital infrastructures are located in Canada.

Contact us to learn more about BlueBox in your community. 

About Bluemyth Technologies

Bluemyth ( leverages its BlueBox Smart Lockers and BlueBox Cloud System to resolve issues surrounding last mile delivery. Its customers include individual consumers, businesses, and communities, which all benefit from Bluemyth’s provision of a solution that is centred around mobilization, digitalization, and decarbonization.


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