Beer and Pizza a Flawless Marriage and a Perfect Investment

COCHRANE, Alberta, May 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Half Hitch Brewing Company (“Half Hitch”) has deployed a successful growth strategy and is now looking to bring on new investors. The Mash is the new brand name under Half Hitch which offers the perfect combination of beer and pizza. The Mash was introduced to the market just over a year ago, and is looking to open its fifth location in Alberta in June. Half Hitch has developed this model around low cost and high efficiency which leads to a high degree of repeatability. Ultimately, The Mash allows Half Hitch to efficiently capture the margins across wholesale through Draft through vertical integration.

  • Half Hitch focuses on vertical integration as its growth strategy.
  • Low capital and operating cost requirement allows The Mash to expand quickly.
  • Half Hitch and The Mash utilize in-house takeout and delivery systems in order to sustain high margins vs relying strictly on third party.
  • The Mash pizza utilizes the brewers spent grains within the pizza dough which created a high protein, low sugar, and flavorful crust.
  • Investment opportunity platform:
  • Equity offering currently set at $0.60/share to close end of July.

CEO and Co-Founder Kyle Heier has spear headed the growth of The Mash says:

“Alberta went from roughly 300 Alberta brewed beers in 2016 to almost 1,400 in 2018. The shelf and draft space did not grow at the same rate, so being able to adapt is important. When you are surrounded by a hundred people in a space built for fifty, you need to make your own space.”

The Mash was the materialization of this sentiment. In 2019, both Heier and his father Michael had begun planning as to what The Mash had to look like. The mantra for the development was “Low cost, highly efficient”. Through much effort and due diligence, Heier was able to create a repeatable floorplan as well as an equipment build that satisfied.

The Mash opened its first location within Airdrie, Alberta, and with no marketing was swamped with orders. Heier says, “We sold roughly 350 pizzas by 3pm on opening day. The experience had us running to every supermarket to purchase ingredients to keep up. We didn’t see it coming, but it was an extremely humbling experience.” Since then, The Mash has opened its second location within Calgary within the community of Kensington, and its third also within Calgary within the community of Mahogany. It is due to complete its fourth (St. Albert) and fifth locations (Calgary) in June, with construction on its next 4 locations to commence in July.

Aggressive expansion is the new mantra for Half Hitch. Much like Heier’s father Michael who founded Trinidad Drilling, Kyle looks to follow in the same path. As Heier says, “I handle my professional life similar to how I play sports. Use your assets, play to your strengths, work as a team. No one ever finds success by themselves; it is all about finding the right people and building success together.”

About Half Hitch Brewing Company: Half Hitch ( is a family owned and operated micro-brewery within the Town of Cochrane. Starting in 2016, Half Hitch has garnered significant market share with their various brands, most notably the Farmers Daughter Pale Ale and the award-winning Papa Bear Prairie Ale. Half Hitch will have opened their first five locations under The Mash ( brand name within the heart of the Covid pandemic and lockdowns. They aim to be in ten locations by year end 2021. The company also continues to raise funds through equity using the FrontFundr platform ( These funds allow for expeditious growth through The Mash model while bringing in new shareholders looking to share in the success of the company.

Contact Information:

Contact: Kyle Heier
Telephone: 403-829-6802
Email: [email protected]
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