Another federal department from a G7 country chooses SmartGuide® for secure portal for an enterprise digital service solution

MONTREAL, Nov. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Alphinat (TSXV: NPA)
Alphinat is pleased to announce another federal government department of a G7 country, covering that country’s innovative industries, has selected SmartGuide® to be able to self serve and make a time sensitive delivery to meet their objective of modernizing their digital service offering. This department’s project has full use of SmartGuide’s powerful development toolset to build and deploy a secure digital service.“We appreciate this validation of the timeliness for SmartGuide for Dynamic 365 solutions for innovative portal technology in the public sector,” said Curtis Page, Alphinat CEO. “With this new department coming on board SmartGuide will now help deliver better quality and security of digital services helping that country’s SMEs on their journey to improve their cyber security stance.”“We continue to improve portal technology that will make it easy for security enhancements meeting the immediate needs and future proofing the public sector for cloud and hybrid infrastructures,” adds Denis Michaud, Alphinat Chief Solution and Security Officer.About Alphinat
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